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After years of preparation, we’re helping patients today with artificial intelligence on a very large scale. Over 20,000 studies are processed on the vRad Imaging Platform daily with over 10,000 studies passing through our AI models on a typical day to identify critical pathologies for escalation to our radiologists.

But we’re just getting started.

AI will soon permeate the practice and business of medical imaging, to the benefit of patients, practitioners, and administrators. In the coming years, we will see AI empower radiologists to rapidly detect ever more subtle, serious and rare abnormalities; conquer mountains of administrative burden; and strengthen healthcare delivery through demonstrated quality improvements, such as faster turnaround times, intelligent prioritization of critical cases, greater reporting accuracy, and compliant billing practices.


AI Worklist Prioritization

Accelerating care delivery in critical cases

Using trained convolutional neural networks (CNN), proprietary vRad Radiology AI screens thousands of cases daily, accurately recognizing specific pathologies on images like intracranial hemorrhage (ICH), pulmonary embolism, pneumoperitoneum, and pneumothorax.

Cases that exhibit a high likelihood for these pathologies are immediately moved to the top of the radiologists’ worklists.

Exciting Results

With AI prioritization, 14 critical cases each day are read an estimated 10 to 15 minutes sooner than if the AI models had not run.  15 patients per month are provided care up to 24 hours sooner when escalated from non-emergent.

From his reading room in Walnut Creek, California, neuroradiologist Joshua Morais, MD opened the next case on his vRad worklist one afternoon in 2019. The non-contrast head CT of an Iowa woman revealed acute intracranial hemorrhage. Dr. Morais urgently reported his diagnosis to the ordering physician, just 2.9 minutes after the CT images had been uploaded.

What Dr. Morais didn’t know at the time was that a proprietary vRad AI algorithm had identified the criticality of the woman’s case and elevated it to the top of his worklist. This enabled him to quickly deliver his findings — getting the patient to surgery 10 minutes faster with AI than the typical time. Learning of this later, Dr. Morais stated: “For this patient, I have no doubt AI was a critical element for her survival.”


How AI is accelerating care delivery in critical cases


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AI in Reporting

Ensuring accuracy and compliance

Using natural language processing (NLP), the vRad Imaging Platform reviews all radiology reports, flagging potential clinical improvements or compliance issues. For example, a radiologist will be alerted in real time, as the report is being created, if the pathology has a specific reporting requirement — such as Fleischner criteria for a lung nodule or a LI-RAD score for a liver lesion.

Powerful Results. By actively checking each report, AI significantly reduces the risk of a delayed result or incomplete record for billing based on a misplaced keystroke, transcription error, omitted merit-based incentive data or individual mistake — a huge advantage for a practice processing nearly 7.5 million studies annually.



How AI is helping ensure reporting accuracy and compliance


The secret to success

Two components are essential to successfully establish, develop and sustain applied AI in radiology: Uncompromised collaboration between radiologists and computer scientists, and access to a constant flow of data that is representative of a highly diverse population. This is the foundation of vRad Radiology AI.

Complementing our in-house team of computer scientists, we’ve created a partner ecosystem of some of the brightest AI organizations worldwide to collaborate on model development and validation using our diverse dataset of anonymized data.



How we successfully put AI models to work for our radiologists


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vRad AI software does not provide any diagnostic or treatment information or recommendations, nor are studies flagged in any way to indicate that an AI model has identified a likelihood of the presence of any pathology.