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Virtual Radiologic Telerad Services

99.7% practice-wide accuracy

Reports within 30 minutes on average

...from vRad, the Leader in Teleradiology

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From advanced imaging studies for outpatient facilities, to closing clinical coverage holes, to meeting subspecialty and growth needs for radiology groups, vRad clients rely on our fellowship-trained radiologists to deliver the subspecialist-level of quality that is essential in healthcare today. Ensure coverage and elevate the level of care for patients in your community with vRad’s subspecialty team.

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Trusted by Healthcare Providers Nationwide

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Radiology Groups

Differentiate your practice and elevate the level of services for your hospitals, outpatient referrers and patients by leveraging a partnership with vRad.

  • Expand subspecialist offerings and meet clinical coverage needs without the cost and challenges of a local hire
  • Reduce billing risk and eliminate overread costs with vRad final reports
  • Have the flexibility to sign new contracts with vRad as your on-demand coverage partner
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Hospitals and Health Systems

Enhance your imaging service line with high-quality subspecialty interpretations from vRad’s experienced team of 500+ radiologists, 70% of whom are subspecialty-trained. We’ll partner with your local group to compliment the expert services they’re already providing.  No local radiologist? No problem—we can work directly with you.

  • <7 minute average turnaround time on stroke protocol studies, critical finding calls in as little as 1-2 minutes
  • Improved ED throughput, reduced length of stay, and consistent care at 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. with vRad final radiology reports
  • Consistent metrics across your entire radiology service line for benchmarking and oversight with vRad Analytics
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Outpatient Healthcare Providers

Never tried teleradiology? It isn't just for nights and weekends! We’re your subspecialty radiology partner with over 500 teleradiologists nationwide. Expand your subspecialty offerings without locums or hiring.

  • 99.7% accuracy, standard-setting Quality Assurance program emphasizing performance improvement since 2004
  • Find the information you need at a glance—our Custom Structured Reports can be tailored to your discerning specifications
  • Access images, radiology reports, and radiologists anytime online with vRad Results

“I personally see vRad as an indispensable part of the fabric of our department. I see this as a partnership. It provides a tremendous amount of reassurance to a chair, at the managerial level, to have a reliable reserve parachute in case you have departure of faculty or in case there is a disaster that leads to a short-staffed situation.”

“All mammography cases at our hospital are read by vRad’s fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists. Because we have access to these highly-trained subspecialists, we’re providing a level of quality normally found in breast centers in metropolitan areas, not rural California.”


Charles Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Mountains Community Hospital

“…vRad helped us move to final reads, which has made the reading process cleaner and more efficient for our department and improved turnaround times for our medical staff. By removing the headaches and redundancy of preliminaries, I also have 'found time' to manage our department and focus on strategic department issues.”


JR Rockhold, Director of Radiology, Greater Regional Medical Center

Get Plugged In To High Performance Radiology


Accelerated Care


vRad holds 20 patents and is the leader in radiological AI focused on improved patient care including: automated escalation of critical pathologies, automated study assignment, auto-dialed critical findings calls, and workflows to expedite critical-patient care.


High Quality Care

Developed in 2004, vRad’s industry-leading quality assurance program integrates peer review, standardized monitoring of quality metrics, and active clinical oversight and management to ensure we are delivering quality patient care.


Subspecialist Care

We’ve got your back. Our experienced physicians ensure your patients receive quality coverage day and night ‒ without the cost and challenges of a local hire.


Custom Structured Reports

Every complete report is organized in a uniform, comprehensive, customizable structured template so referring physicians can quickly find the information they need. Reduce errors. Improve patient care. Increase billing accuracy. 


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