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AI in Radiology: Beyond Theory

Webinar Recording

After six years of preparation, the results are stunning. This webinar is an encore of our 2019 RSNA session and provides an up-close look at how AI is helping radiologists deliver better care…today.

Hear how vRad radiologist Joshua Morais, MD delivered a life-saving diagnosis in 2.9 minutes—getting one Iowa patient to surgery 10 minutes faster with AI than the typical time. Plus, get a sneak peek at the exciting near future of AI in radiology.


Dr Strong Circle


Chief Medical Officer, vRad

Dr. Strong  explains in detail—illustrated through a clinical review of patient case studies—how AI is augmenting the work of radiologists to deliver better care for critically ill patients.



Chief Information Officer, vRad

Mr. Nijim highlights the impact of the AI models currently live on the vRad Imaging Platform, as well as delivers a sneak peek of other areas we’re working on. Uncover how AI has the potential to advance radiology for hospitals, payers, reimbursement and even malpractice reduction.




Global Head of Product Management, Strategy & Business Development, Watson Health Imaging

Ms. Long shares how the IBM partnership came to life—built upon data, radiologist expertise and AI capability. Learn how it’s creating the impactful AI models in use today and inspiring the work of tomorrow. She also introduces IBM’s latest AI products.



After years of preparation, we’re helping patients today with artificial intelligence on a very large scale with over 20,000 studies processed on the vRad Imaging Platform daily.  Over 10,000 studies pass through our AI models on a typical day to identify critical pathologies for escalation to our radiologists.


But we’re just getting started.

Exciting Results

With AI prioritization, 14 critical cases each day are read an estimated 10 to 15 minutes sooner than if the AI models had not run.  15 patients per month are provided care up to 24 hours sooner when escalated from non-emergent.

Dr. Morais got a patient to surgery 10 minutes faster with AI than the typical time. Learning of this later, Dr. Morais stated: “For this patient, I have no doubt AI was a critical element for her survival.”

Read the case study. 

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images Read the Case Study (3)

Making an Impact Today, While Charting a Path to the Future

If you're intrigued by the work we're doing in AI, download our latest white paper for a deeper look at the results, our program for AI development, and a sneak peak at the future and what it means for radiology. 

Download the white paper. 

To learn more about our AI program, visit our AI in Radiology page.

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