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Why join vRad?

It's easy to sum up why team members choose vRad: It's a great place to work! Check out these top 10 reasons why our team members love working at vRad.
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You impact patient care

While it may seem more obvious for radiologists who directly impact patient care, all team members within vRad serve an essential role in caring for our patients because they help our team run smoothly.

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You find a community

Building strong workplace relationships is a key part of how we do business. Team members appreciate that vRad feels like a second home and the people they work with are an extension of their family.

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Your voice is heard

At vRad, what you have to say is taken seriously, and managers encourage team members to speak up, even if you disagree. We really want to hear your ideas because good ideas can help make us all better.

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You join a team that collaborates  

Our team members bring a vast collection of skills, experiences, and expertise, and together we accomplish big things. Through technology that enables efficient communication, our team members reach across departments daily to provide the best service to both our clients and our radiologists. 

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You find a work-life balance

We know you have a life outside of work, and we want you to live it! We offer our team members flexibility to make sure they are professionally and personally fulfilled. 

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Your well-being matters

vRad encourages team members to live a healthy life style with opportunities to track and improve their individual current health. We also offer monetary rewards for team members who participate in wellness programs and host on-site events to engage and educate on all aspects of well-being.

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You enjoy a comprehensive benefits program

If you're a full-time team member, you are eligible to enroll in vRad's benefits, which include: medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401k with match, an employee stock purchase plan, paid time off, paid holidays, paid volunteer time, paid maternity/paternity leave, and a collection of other benefits offered at no cost to team members.

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You grow as a professional

Our leadership cares about our team members' career goals. They take time to understand what each individual team member may need, and they help to provide resources, and tools necessary to achieve those ambitions. 

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You work hard, and you play hard, too

Bonding matters at vRad, and we make time for it because we believe it promotes a more engaged community. From outings to activities, these opportunities may just be ones to socialize, relax and connect, and others encourage everyone to try something new and step out of their comfort zone.

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You work in a prime location

vRad is headquartered in the city of Eden Prairie, a suburb of the Twin Cities. This area has made more than one list of great places to work and raise a family, and we have to agree.