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Why do over 500 of the top radiologists in the nation choose vRad?  Simply put, vRad is a great place to work. But don’t just take our word for it, read through our top 10 list and then watch the short video our radiologists created explaining why they choose to read for vRad.
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Practice Stability

With over 2,100 clients, vRad is never dependent on any one facility.  You can also celebrate improved personal stability with the elimination of hospital politics!

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Final to Prelim Study Mix

At vRad, you will have the opportunity to read over 50% finals – which equals more money per study! 

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Case Mix is Emergent, Interesting, and Highly Variable

You will see an incredibly wide variety of pathology, from coast-to-coast, rural to urban, and everything in-between!

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Awesome Schedule – 7 days on and 7 days off

You have the opportunity to work HALF OF THE YEAR with our 7 on / 7 off schedules.  No professional burnout, no call, and a wide range of scheduling options from which to choose.  Work as few as 8 hours per shift or as many as 10; say goodbye to the 12+ hour work days!

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Eliminate Your Commute

At vRad you’ll have the unique opportunity to work from home and create your perfect reading environment.  No more traffic, no more rushing to get the better parking spot, and finally an end to sitting down at a work station with someone else’s crumbs all over the keyboard!

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A cabin in the mountains of Colorado, a condo overlooking Central Park, or a bungalow on the beaches of Hawaii; as long as you have access to high speed internet you can live almost ANYWHERE.

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Concierge Support

At vRad, you will be supported by multiple departments, all with the same goal in mind – to relieve you of every administrative burden so you can read “in the zone”.  Our Physician Services team will track all of your license renewals and CMEs (including all state specific requirements), you’ll have a liaison assigned to you to ensure you’re always connected to the practice, our tech team is top notch and will keep you up and running 24 hours a day, and our Operations Center will support you every minute of every day that you’re working.  Never pick up a phone, never wait on hold for a referring physician, and never open an incomplete record again!

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Unlimited Compensation Potential

Are you ready to embrace the best technology in radiology?  Do not be hindered by a limiting salary.  At vRad, YOU determine your compensation!

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State-of-the-Art Reading Platform

Your vRad reading platform is the most advanced platform in existence (even our competitors agree).  With 18 patents (and counting), you will revel in a workflow efficiency unlike any you have ever experienced.  You invested more than a decade of your life and significant dollars to become a top radiologist.  At vRad, you will never do anything that is not directly related to clinical work!

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Unparalleled Work/Life Balance

Life is too short to miss the moments that mean the most. Take your son to school each day.  Watch all of your daughter’s performances.  Swim, surf, ski; do what you love every day! This is your unique opportunity to provide an incredible quality of life for you and your family and simultaneously be present for the important moments that mean the most!  

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Video of Dr. Delavalade talking about why she likes vRad


As a member of the vRad family, you can enjoy working half of the year on the world’s leading platform, connect and consult with 500 other radiologists, and read the most diverse cases of your career.  Rid yourself of all administrative burdens, commutes, distractions, and irritations.  Set your compensation goals and allow us to help you to achieve them.  Experience a work/life balance, enjoy every facet of your life, and get all you can out of your most precious commodity – your TIME. 



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"I cherish the work/life balance vRad provides. I have never missed a single powder day since being with vRad. Plus, I can live wherever I want – which for me is Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada."


Jim Sloves, MD, Radiologist, vRad

“I appreciate the flexibility vRad provides when it comes to picking up an extra shift or two. I’m saving for the down payment on my next house with extra summer shifts.”

Jed Santa Maria, MD, Radiologist, vRad

“I enjoy the wide range of studies I encounter on a daily basis. As a teleradiologist with vRad I’m not confined to a local geographical area as defined by working in a local practice. I have the unique opportunity to be exposed to different types of radiology pathology across the country.”


JP Dym, MD, Radiologist, vRad

"As an active duty military radiologist, it is important for me to accurately and quickly interpret studies on our service members – especially those deployed overseas. Working part-time for vRad enables me to see different pathology from all across the country and allows me to become a more efficient radiologist. vRad is the perfect fit for me as it lets me work from home, making it easy to work my part-time vRad shifts while spending time with my family and balancing my sometimes hectic military schedule.”


Daniel A. Dolewski, II, MD, Radiologist, vRad


Accelerated Care


vRad holds 18 patents and has invested over $55 million in innovation focused on improving patient care including: automated study assignment, auto-dialed critical findings calls, online and real-time order priority escalation, and award-winning workflows to expedite critical-patient care.


High Quality Care

Developed in 2004, vRad’s industry-leading quality assurance program integrates peer review, standardized monitoring of quality metrics, and active clinical oversight and management to ensure we are delivering quality patient care.


Subspecialist Care

We’ve got your back – 24/7 subspecialty coverage is vRad’s expertise. Our experienced physicians ensure your patients receive quality coverage day and night ‒ without the cost and challenges of a local hire.


Custom Structured Reports

Every complete report is organized in a uniform, comprehensive, customizable structured template so referring physicians can quickly find the information they need. Reduce errors. Improve patient care. Increase billing accuracy. 


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