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Why do over 500 of the top radiologists in the nation choose vRad?  Simply put, vRad is a great place to work. But don’t just take our word for it, read through our top 8 list and then watch the short video of our radiologists explaining why they choose to read for vRad.

Practice radiology. Period.

Spend virtually 100% of your shifts focused on interpreting images, free of distractions and technical burdens. vRad’s proprietary, AI-powered reading platform automates many non-clinical aspects of generating a report – so our radiologists can keep their eyes on the images.

Enjoy job stability.

Have confidence that vRad is not dependent on any one facility. As the leading teleradiology company, vRad provides services to 2,100+ facilities and radiology groups across the U.S. so we’re able to withstand contract and market volatility that impact smaller practices.

Take control of your earnings.

Build a compensation plan to match your income goals and lifestyle. Choose the number of hours you’ll contract per year. Work at your own pace. Find plenty of opportunities to add or extend shifts. Leave behind unrealistic reading requirements and unattainable bonuses. Bottom line: At vRad you earn what you read – and with 24/7/365 support and our proprietary reading platform, you can read more per shift. Our top earners average $500,000 annually, with several bringing home more than $800,000.  

Play to your strengths.

Get a steady stream of diverse, primarily advanced imaging cases that make the most of your skills and experience. The proprietary vRad workflow system prioritizes studies and assigns them equitably to radiologists based on specialized expertise, preference and availability. vRad worklist management ensures patient care remains the priority, and there’s no enticement to cherry-pick higher value, easier cases.

Eliminate administrative load.

Get rid of burdensome tasks that distract from interpreting studies and drain your earning potential. Your vRad team is on call 24/7 to address any issue that might otherwise steal attention from reading images – from tracking down clinicians, to solving an IT or workstation problem, to tracking and maintaining license renewals and CME credits.

Become a better radiologist.

Through positive feedback to radiologists, the vRad quality assurance program emphasizes performance improvement, and delivers 99.7% accuracy. In addition, you’ll have access to innovative, accredited CME programs through vRad Radiology Education – among the most comprehensive radiological curriculum available outside of a university setting.

Experience genuine collegiality.

Our radiologists appreciate the regular interaction and support they receive every day from colleagues across the country as part of the vRad network.

Focus on patient care.

The mission of vRad is simply to take great care of the patient. Everyone at vRad understands they have a role in patient care – from radiologists to management to administrators to information systems techs. Everyone is dedicated to streamlining the processes, workflows and reporting that provide timely, accurate interpretations.



Reclaim your life and your career

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"I cherish the work/life balance vRad provides. I have never missed a single powder day since being with vRad. Plus, I can live wherever I want – which for me is Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada."


Jim Sloves, MD, Radiologist, vRad

“I appreciate the flexibility vRad provides when it comes to picking up an extra shift or two. I’m saving for the down payment on my next house with extra summer shifts.”

Jed Santa Maria, MD, Radiologist, vRad

“I enjoy the wide range of studies I encounter on a daily basis. As a teleradiologist with vRad I’m not confined to a local geographical area as defined by working in a local practice. I have the unique opportunity to be exposed to different types of radiology pathology across the country.”


JP Dym, MD, Radiologist, vRad

"As an active duty military radiologist, it is important for me to accurately and quickly interpret studies on our service members – especially those deployed overseas. Working part-time for vRad enables me to see different pathology from all across the country and allows me to become a more efficient radiologist. vRad is the perfect fit for me as it lets me work from home, making it easy to work my part-time vRad shifts while spending time with my family and balancing my sometimes hectic military schedule.”


Daniel A. Dolewski, II, MD, Radiologist, vRad