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Stroke Imaging Success in the New DAWN Paradigm

Early results from ongoing research – such as the DAWN Trials – are redefining stroke victim diagnosis and care practices. Expanded treatment windows up to 24 hours mean new hope for nearly a quarter of all stroke victims.

Radiology will play a vital role in this evolving approach.

"vRad's uniform stroke protocol and Call on Open technology have slashed 25% off our stroke center’s turnaround times for Non-contrast Head CTs and 13 minutes off Cerebral CT Perfusion studies. That’s really significant."


Amy LeSieur, VP of Ancillary Services, Washington Regional Medical Center

"The ability of vRad to expand Bloomington Radiology's neurological exam capacity has become crucial to the practice's success. "That demand is really hard to handle, but vRad helps us meet [it]."


William Wilson, Practice Administrator, Bloomington Radiology

“…vRad helped us move to final reads, which has made the reading process cleaner and more efficient for our department and improved turnaround times for our medical staff. By removing the headaches and redundancy of preliminaries, I also have 'found time' to manage our department and focus on strategic department issues.”


JR Rockhold, Director of Radiology, Greater Regional Medical Center

“All mammography cases at our hospital are read by vRad’s fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists. Because we have access to these highly-trained subspecialists, we’re providing a level of quality normally found in breast centers in metropolitan areas, not rural California.”


Charles Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Mountains Community Hospital


Washington Regional Medical Center of Fayetteville, Ark. cut average turnaround times for Non-contrast Head CTs by 25%. 

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It’s not by chance our 75+ neuroradiologists return stroke studies in under seven minutes on average. We use proprietary auto-routing technology, an Artificial Intelligence auto dialer for critical findings, study-specific workflows and many other time-saving features to deliver over 73,000 stroke interpretations annually for 1,400+ facilities, including 20% of certified stroke centers.

J.P. Dym, MD, Neuroradiologist & Director of Stroke Imaging


Teleradiology is playing a critical role in making certification accessible to hospitals.  ...and helping those pursuing the next level of certification.  

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