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Planning Guides for High Performance Radiology

Navigate the course to becoming a high performance radiology practice with these free online resources.

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Build a High Performance Radiology Practice

Explore  where  the market is headed and specific ways your imaging organization can embrace change and adapt to become a High Performance Radiology Practice.

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Survive the Radiologist Staffing Crunch

Take an engaging and instructive look at the changing radiologist hiring market and a variety of solutions for anyone responsible for radiologist staffing.


Bolster Data Privacy and Security

The headlines may be daunting, but don’t despair! Healthcare leaders CAN successfully combat today’s security threats.

“I personally see vRad as an indispensable part of the fabric of our department. I see this as a partnership. It provides a tremendous amount of reassurance to a chair, at the managerial level, to have a reliable reserve parachute in case you have departure of faculty or in case there is a disaster that leads to a short-staffed situation.”


Alexander Norbash, MD, Chair and Professor of Radiology, UC San Diego Health

"Replacing prelims with after-hours final reads allowed me to free up local reading capacity and ultimately bring more work to my group.”


Jeff Kinlaw, CEO, Atlantic Radiology Associates

“For this patient, I have no doubt AI was a critical element for her survival.”


Joshua Morais, MD, Neuroradiologist, vRad

“We never really even considered utilizing preliminary reports because we would have had to hire an extra person just to overread those and someone else to overread on weekends.”


Dennis Wiseman, CEO, Radiology & Imaging of South Texas

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