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Dr. Strong presenting at the University of Arizona. 

Your Next Radiology Speaker:
Benjamin W. Strong, MD (ABR, ABIM)

Discover interesting pathology some radiologists never have the chance to see in practice.

Dr. Strong is Chief Medical Officer at vRad (Virtual Radiologic), the nation’s largest radiology practice with 500+ U.S. board-certified and eligible physicians. He is licensed to practice in all 50 U.S. states and holds credentials to read in a number of foreign countries. He is a member of the ACR Committee on Emergency Radiology and a Sanctioned Clinical Lecturer on Trauma and Emergency Radiology for the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP). In 2014, Dr. Strong was chosen the winner of the “Top People to Watch in Radiology” by Diagnostic Imaging, a leading online community for medical imaging professionals.

Dr. Strong's credentials include:

  • Chief Medical Officer, vRad
  • ACR Committee on Emergency Radiology
  • Sanctioned AIRP International Lecturer
  • Dual Certified in Radiology and Internal Medicine

Your Next Radiology Speaker:
Benjamin W. Strong, MD

Specialized in Trauma and Emergency Radiology

Dr. Strong presents lectures built from vRad's vast library of more than 50 million studies. His dynamic personality and experience in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and radiology bring a fast-paced and engaging lecture style that will leave your audience wanting more.

Dr. Strong has spent decades collecting and organizing a vast library of radiology cases.  These cases of traumatic and other emergency presentations have been developed for vRad’s own free CME Platform and clinical lectures.

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Dr. Strong is available to speak at your Society Meeting, Residency, or Grand Rounds.

He travels extensively and can arrange lectures around existing travel plans.

Dr. Strong can speak on the following topics:

Emergency CT: Stroke
Emergency CT: Head
Emergency CT: Neck
Emergency CT: Mediastinum
Emergency CT: Dissection and Embolism
Emergency CT: Pulmonary
Emergency CT: Hepatobiliary
Emergency CT: Pancreas
Emergency CT: Gastrointestinal
Emergency CT: Genitourinary
Trauma CT: Intracranial Hemorrhage
Trauma CT: Face, Neck, and Spine
Trauma CT: Thoracic Aorta and Mediastinum
Trauma CT: Abdominal Viscera
Trauma CT: Vascular
Coronary CTA

Dr. Strong speaks succinctly and efficiently. Saw many cases I’d never seen before in over 3 years of training. Great cases!


2016 Board Review Attendee